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We're the inventors of the original Loomey Time Watch (patent pending) for Rainbow Loom bracelets! Check out our full range of colors and different packages.  Loomey Time watches can be attached to Triple Band, Starburst, Zippy Chain ... just about any type of bracelet you can make (rubber band bracelets not included) to make a Rainbow Loom Wrist Watch.                    


Loomey Time watch dials are removable and interchangeable ... you can make a full collection of colorful watches with unique Rainbow Loom bands and switch the dial onto the one you want to wear.

Made of soft, silicone (latex free) our watch holders have 3 holes on each side for easy connection to rubber band bracelets.  Loom crochet hooks fit right through the holes to pull through your rubber bands... you can weave them right into your bracelets.



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